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The public education system is what is killing american freedom. Public educated adults do not know what the intentions of our founders were by their own words and how much true freedom we don't have that they intended for us to have. It teaches allegiance to the state and that the fed is supreme, which it isn't. It teaches an unfounded respect for govt and its employees which as servants of the people they mostly don't deserve. They aren't taught that we the people are the bosses, our civic duty is to pay attention to them and keep them in check, this is why we lost our militia and therefore our power to correct tyrants. People today go around saying " 'Murica and Freedom!" but have no clue just how much of slaves we are. We no longer have innocent until proven guilty and there is no such thing as private property ownership or private business ownership, but people sure are comfortable so they don't care. It's all an Illusion.

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