You need to do a virtual lunch and more with Frank Hill. We all like Dan but he lost the passion that came from the tea party in CLT are and beyond. Do not blame covid. The Teas go the idea for run Forrest run with the bar idol sized signs. His ads were -and this is real input we’re limp. No passion . He reminded a lot of us as Kenny Smith a sweet polite boy.

People actually asked me (and I am not one of the original Teas) who is that campaigning and where did they put Dan.

That is why he lost. No passion. No conviction. Like he was going thru the motions.

I voted for him as did all LKN Republicans.

He didn’t reach out to the local small businesses. His ads didn’t have him walked by closed and got rent stores and restaurants and saying I understand. I see your dreams being slammed shut by a governor edict. Or walking past looted stores and restaurants, burned out cars and apartment buildings, graffitied buildings churches snd statues with this should not have happened. I will make sure it never does again. Walking down aisles if empty shelves in grocery stores same thing.

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